Wednesday 6 May 2020

New Song Videos!

It's taken a pandemic for me to finally update this blog... but with exciting news. The family and I have been busy making song videos to go with lots of Morris Minors favourites.
You can find many more on this Youtube Playlist, and i'll keep adding when we can manage more!

Sunday 6 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Happy new year everybody!

Here's to a wonderful year of singing with our gorgeous children in the informal setting of the fabulous Royal Sovereign pub. How we love it there.

I've finally updated this blog to clarify the new timings. I am excited to be running two sessions back-to back - one at 10.15am and one at 11.15am, each for 45mins. Both sessions are suitable for 0-5s. 

The pub is open from 10am and serves teas and coffees and sometimes cakes, before offering lunches from 12pm. It does get busy, so if possible, bring a sling rather than a buggy, or be prepared to leave buggies in the garden shelter round the back during winter months if necessary. We usually work it out thanks to Dave finding space for everyone. 

I think that's it! Hope to see you soon. 

Best wishes, Michelle

Monday 20 February 2017

Good Morning to You - again!

Well, with Joey nearly a year old, my maternity leave ends today.
This means a change to Morris Minors Music, as I will now be at school on Wednesdays, but I am pleased to say that the Royal Sovereign have kindly agreed to open up early on a THURSDAY, especially for us.
Starting from 2nd March, the sessions will now be every Thursday at 11am for an hour - which means you may want to stay for lunch as Fabio the chef will be serving delicious pizzas and burgers for lunch from 12pm. Hmm...we may have to rename the Breakfast Song as the Lunchtime song. The change of time also means that our opening song can return to Good Morning to You!
The price stays at £3 each. Please note there is no group this week (23rd Feb)
I do hope you'll come and join in with the singing.
Michelle x

Monday 2 January 2017

Flappy New Ears!

Happy new year everyone. I am looking forward to singing and dancing with you all again this term, starting afresh at the Royal Sovereign on Wednesday 4th January. Come and join in and get 2017 off to a musical start. We have lots of regulars but there is always room for more. Pizzas available from the pub from 12pm at a reduced price of £6. Eat, drink, sing and be merry.
See you there. Michelle (and baby Joe)

Monday 22 August 2016

Morris Minors Music restarts on Wednesday!

I am very excited to be writing again after all of this time. Morris Minors returns this Wednesday 24th August. I am really pleased to be beginning the group at Cafe SoVegan at The Royal Sovereign pub on Northwold Road, with a class every Wednesday from 11am-noon. Sessions are drop-in and charged at £3 per child or £5 for two.
Having welcomed children of different ages to my music groups of late, I have decided to open the session for ages 0-5. I am a great believer that good music can be enjoyed together across age groups and I am looking forward to more singing and dancing with parents, carers and the wonderful children who bring them along :-)
Founder member Dotty is moving on to nursery, but my son Joe will be a regular. He enjoyed the trial sessions so hopefully he'll carry on agreeing to let me play guitar, fiddle or recorder for some of the tunes. There's also a good selection of their instruments to share with everyone.
Will you be a Morris Minor this season? See you there...
Michelle xxx

Sunday 19 October 2014

The Rocket Song

We've built a rocket
Gonna make it fly...
Up above the clouds
And into the sky
We go bzzzzz, bzzzzz
To make our rocket fly
We go bzzzzz, bzzzzz
To make our rocket fly

Sounds in order (obviously you can add your own!)
bzzz, bzzzz
beeeep, beeeeep
clang! clang!

I should say I learn this from Juliet Desailly on my PGCE course and believe she wrote it. Enjoy!

Hello, Good morning, Sani Bonani....

Hello to you! (Hello to you!)
Shake your shoulders, 1, 2  (Shake your shoulders, 1, 2)
And stamp your feet (and stamp your feet)
And clap on the beat (and clap on the beat)
Stretch your hands up high! (stretch your hands up high)
Wiggle fingers to the sky! (wiggle fingers to the sky!)
Give a smile, give a grin (give a smile, give a grin)
And tap your chin (and tap your chin)
Well done everyone! (well done everyone!)
Our music has begun... (our music has begun...)

It fun finding lots of musical ways to say hello... Thanks to Sue Nicholls for the introduction above - one we've been using at Morris Minors a bit recently.
Of course, our favourite is the 'Good Morning to You' round. I think I learnt this originally from John Browne on a Royal Opera House course - but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, it's how we remind the lovely children at Morris Minors that it's time to begin our singing. Here's a recording from this week (with me being a bit bossy at the beginning :-)

Then a personal favourite is Sani Bonani - saying hello in Zulu! I learnt this from Mea Jenkins and should check where she learned it and get back to you. I love the way the repeated ostinato of 'sani bonaninani' fits in behind the call and response tune.

Last but not least, here's Choy Baboy:
Hello Mother... Hello Father... Hello babies....
Hope to say hello to you all next week!